Navigating Carnival Cruise’s Food and Drink Policies: Tips for What You Can Bring

What Food and Drink Can You Bring on Carnival Cruise

Carnival Cruises desire to maintain a high standard of quality and safety. They’ve put together comprehensive policies that cover what guests can bring aboard in terms of food and drink. By acquainting ourselves with these guidelines, we ensure a smooth cruising experience.


When boarding a Carnival Cruise, it’s key to remember food items must be pre-packaged and unopened. This ensures the health and safety of all guests and prevents potential health risks. Fresh food, including fruits and vegetables, is, however, not permitted. Carnival Cruises provide a vast array of food options onboard catering to diverse dietary requirements.

  • No home-cooked or restaurant meals
  • Baked goods must be in their original packaging
  • For special diets, contact Carnival in advance
  • Store the permitted food properly to maintain its quality

Hence, it’s important to pack food items judiciously, aligning with Carnival’s policies.


As for beverages, the policies aim at upholding legal and safety standards. Carnival Cruise allows passengers to embark with a limited amount of non-alcoholic beverages. Specifically, each guest is allowed to bring on board one 12-pack (12 ounces) of canned sodas, juices, milk & water. No larger quantities shall be permitted.

  • No hard-sided coolers
  • Restricted to 375ml of bottled wine or champagne per adult
  • No beer or hard liquor
  • 12-pack should be hand carried
  • All alcoholic beverages bought on ports-of-call will be safely stored by Carnival until the end of the voyage.

Ensuring adherence to these regulations won’t just safeguard everyone’s health and safety, but elevates the cruising experience to a top-notch level.

Moreover, for all the beverage enthusiasts, Carnival Cruise offers a range of drink packages including the “Cheers!” Program, a prepaid package that allows unlimited choice of drinks for a daily fee. Find out more about this by checking Carnival’s official website for detailed perks, conditions, and restrictions!

Packing Food and Drink for a Carnival Cruise

When it comes to packing food and drink for your Carnival Cruise, there are some specific rules and regulations you ought to bear in mind. Understanding these guidelines ensures a smoother boarding process and can help enhance your overall cruising experience.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

For those who love their soda or bottled water, there’s some good news. Carnival Cruise allows each guest to bring a small quantity of non-alcoholic beverages onboard. You’re allowed to pack up to 12 unopened cans or cartons of non-alcoholic drinks per person. These containers should not exceed 12 ounces each. Always ensure that these beverages are packed in your carry-on, not in checked luggage.

Snacks and Packaged Food

Planning to bring some snacks to munch on during your cruise? Carnival Cruise has you covered. You’re permitted to pack pre-packaged and unopened food items. This can include snacks such as chips, popcorn, or even your favorite box of cookies. However, remember that fresh food is not allowed for health and safety reasons. This rule helps ensure the highest standards of hygiene and prevents any potential pest infestations.

Special Dietary Needs

We understand that some of our cruise-goers may have special dietary needs or restrictions. As such, Carnival Cruise is committed to facilitating and aiding these needs. If you have specific dietary requirements that necessitate certain food products, feel free to bring pre-packaged and unopened items that meet these needs. Simply be sure to alert the cruise staff in advance so they can assist you appropriately and ensure your comfort throughout the journey.

Cruise vacation should be about relaxing and enjoying the journey, not worrying about food and drink. So, pack wisely, be aware of the cruise line’s food and drink policies, and get ready to sail away on a fantastic Carnival voyage. With a little planning and knowledge of these rules, your cruising experience can truly be a breeze.